Essential Necessities Of Jamia

Construction Of Masjid : There is a large and wide Masjid of Jamia named Shah Abdul Al Nabi which is five hundred years old and this Masjid is established by Shaikh Shah Abdul Nabi who is known and counted in the teachers of king Akbar, and same he established three more Masajid in India, One is in Delhi,in which Jamiat,s Office and second is in Saharan Pur Nakhasa Market and third is in Endri Village in Haryana.
In Masjid plaster work as well as floors, furniture, electric fitting, electric fans, bathrooms, urine houses, etc are still remained, for which construction we appeal and request to the noblemen that contribute to this blessed and great work.
Specially help those teachers and representatives who come to you on the occasion of Ramadan,that the students can perform Salah with ease and comfort.
Allah does not waist the reward of the optimizers and benefactors.

Arabic and English Medium School for Girls : Due to extern need our Muslim girls and boys go to government colleges and universities and forget their Islamic identity and discard the provisions of Islam behind their backs and take of Hejaz from their faces.
By the grace of Allah Jamia took a strong step and established a school named, “Jamiatus Salihat” in1st january of 2017 and opened with the prayers of the greatest Islamic scholars, and the list of employees contains on five hard worker people, and all responsibilities delegated to director of educational affairs Shaikh Usha Rashid Gangohi .
We pray to Allah that make this school like a star of knowledge and give success and progress, pave the way of success for Jamia in all steps of educational fields.

Hostels : Due to increasing number of students ,Jamia in extreme need of more hostels.

Kitchen : To feed the students on one table food according to the Sunnah , Jamia is needed one more kitchen.

Library : Jamia in need of construction of a library to study systematic and non systematic books.

Large Water Tank : Because of increasing the number of students Jamia needs a large water tank whose expansion would be two million liters, whose estimation is twenty million rupees.

New Branch Of Jamia : Jamia has a big branch near shrin of Shaikh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi, which employees contains on four peoples, due to increasing the numbers of students Jamia is needed more classes and hostels.

Purchase Land For Jamia : Jamia is in extreme need to purchase the perfectly connected land to branch of it ,which scope and circle can be expanded and more departments can be established.