Depatments Of Jamia

Department Of Arabic and Persian : From 1st class to eight class of Arabic Education is given in this department according to the curriculum of Mazahir Uloom Saharanpur.

Department Of Tajweed : In this section Hifz Quran and short Tajweed is tought .

Department of Quran Karim : In this department hifz is done in three years with the grammar and tajweed .

Department Of Deeniyat : In this department practical training of religious information and basic Islamic teachings are given according to the requirements of life.

Primary Section : In this department from 1st class to VIIIth class according to the Urdu medium primary school, Urdu, English, History, Hindi, Geography, Mathematics are thought under the supervision of proficient teachers and scholars, which is registered with government.

Writing Section : From the many passed years Jamia took care of hand writing specially.

Department Of Propagation And Preaching : In the current situation propagation has a great importance, because of this the teachers and students of Jamia walk around nearby villages weekly and invite the people to Salah and Islamic teachings.

Association Hidayat Al Rashid : By the grace of Allah there is a association is established in Jamia to give training of delivering speech in both languages Arabic and Urdu under the guardianship of great scholars, that they fulfill their responsibilities and duties towards Ummah.