Jamia At A Glance

Year Of Established : 10th Sawwal 1392 H (1972)
First Patron Of Jamia : Hazrat Shaikhul Ulama Maulana Hakeem Abdur Rasheed Mahmood (Nannu Miyan)
Founder & Principal : Hazrat Alhaj Maulana Mufti Muhammad Yusuf Sb. Jamie Gangohi (Caliph Hazrat Maulana Mufti Mukarram Hussain Sb. Sansarpuri)
Vice Principal : Janab Qari Muhammad Akram Sahab Gangohi.
Nazim Umumi : Janab Maulana Muhammad Yusa Rasheed Sahab Gangohi Mazahiri.

Location : By the grace of Jamia is established in 10th, Shawal, of 1392. which is excellently and neatly starter on the way of success in the bosom of greatest scholars of Islam ,Shaikh Abdul Quddus and Shaikh Shah Abu Saeed And Shaikh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi ,towards it’s lemigitimate goals and purposes.

Management of Jamia : All the services of Jamia are done under the administration of a manager and advisory board .

Finance resource of Jamia : There is no permanent resources of income for the Jamia ,but it depended on the donation and charity of noble people .

Employees and Teachers staff : By the generosity and grace of Allah the staff of Jamia contains on two organizer and twenty five teachers and ten employees and eight representatives, totally forty five energetic persons, those are always busy in quenching of students, and making them stars of future for the Ummah.

Students in Jamia : Every year three hundreds admission of external students are taken in Jamia ,among them two hundred seventy five students always stay in hostel, and they belong from different states of India ,from Uttar Pardesh, Bengal, Bihar, ManiPur, Andera, Pardesh, Rajisthan, Gujrat, Mewat, Panjab, Kashmeer, Uttrakhand etc, and Jamia spend on then .
And in primary classes from 1st to eight class there are three hundred fifty local students and total six hundred twenty five students ,they learn Tajweed and Quran by heart .

Graduates Of Jamia : By the grace of Allah in short period of forty five years twenty two hundred eighty seven students have completed their education from different departments of Jamia, Arabic, Persian, Hifz and doing service around the world for Ummah.