Jamia Rasheedia (Anarkali)

Dear Respected Sir : Every single of us has more knowledge that the Islamic Madarsas are the castle of Islam and humanity ,as much as the fort will be strong the people of this fort will feel more safety and peace, due to that the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) firstly he established a chamber in front of Masjid e Nabwi after his migration and made a group of his companion to learn Qura,an and teachings of Islam ,the Prophet (may Allah bless him) used to spend and care them.
From that time this chamber changed into Islamic Madras’s ,and today generally in whole world specially in Asia, Islam is alive in its original and real identity and face ,despite of storm of apostasy and western culture Islamic identity and Islamic slogans is saved in Muslims communities and societies, and all these due to Islamic Madarsas and religious institutions.
So History is a witness that whenever these madarsas and religious centers weakened spiritually or civilisationaly, it did not take more time to change Unduly into Spain, So knowing the dangers which might be harmful for Ummah,Our beloved and respected elders who had a great Islamic ideology, they spreader network of Madarsas all over the India, if they did not do so ,and did not get success in their mission, So today might be something else.
There for it is very important and necessary in the modern age that Islamic institutions and centers and Madarsas should be spreader and established in every village and town, to convey the message of Islam to the new generation .
May Allah give us success in our mission and make it strong and source of salvation for the Ummah Ameeeen.

Brief Introduction of Jamia

The land of Gangoh is a well known region because of its Islamic sciences and arts ,it was the center of spiritual science and knowledge before seventeen years ago from Darul Uloom Deoband due to Shaikh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi(may Allah bless him),and uncountable people and a lot of servants of Allah achieved Islamic knowledge and science and quenched their thirst from this spiritual center ,and great Islamic scholars came to Jamia and this region of knowledge, but this golden series stopped for the short time, and people were being said ....
That traveler was tired of the hardships of travel, that’s why he slept ,closed his eyes but left million eyes weeping. Then made a great effort and increased this golden series Shaikh Mohammad Yusuf on the order of Shaikh Hakim Abdur Rasheed who was son of Shaikh Rashid Ahmad Gangohi ,and established and founded Jamia Rasheedia with the hand of great scholars in the wide square of Masjid Shah Abdu al Nabi ,by the generosity and mercy of Allah it has become central Islamic institute of area ,which is known today by Jamia Rasheedia .