Jamia Rasheedia (Anarkali) Gangoh

Dear Respected Sir : Every single of us has more knowledge that the Islamic Madarsas are the castle of Islam and humanity ,as much as the fort will be strong the people of this fort will feel more safety and peace, due to that the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) firstly he established a chamber in front of Masjid e Nabwi after his migration and made a group of his companion to learn Qura,an and teachings of Islam ,the Prophet (may Allah bless him) used to spend and care them.
From that time this chamber changed into Islamic Madras’s ,and today generally in whole world specially in Asia, Islam is alive in its original and real identity and face ,despite of storm of apostasy and western culture Islamic identity and Islamic slogans is saved in Muslims communities and societies, and all these due to Islamic Madarsas and religious institutions.
So History is a witness that whenever these madarsas and religious centers weakened spiritually or civilisationaly, it did not take more time to change Unduly into Spain, So knowing the dangers which might be harmful for Ummah,Our beloved and respected ...    Read More

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